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ETA 2836-2 Movement Review & Information

The ETA 2836-2 movement is essentially the basic ETA 2824 with the addition of day-date functionality. The day change is also quicker on the Eta 2836-2, it’s considered instantaneous vs pseudo-instantaneous. The movement itself is also slightly higher due to the date wheel, than the 2824. Other than that they are very similar movements.

The ETA 2836-2 movement has a high beat rate of 28,800 bph which is in contrast to the ETA 2842 movement which beats at 21,600 bph.


Genuine ETA 2836-2 Movement vs Replica/Clone 2836-2 Movement

The Asian clones of ETA movements are nothing new. They have been sold in cheap and high end replica watches for years. Some of these movements are very good, others are horrible. If you want the performance of a real swiss watch, buy a genuine watch with genuine ETA movement.

What if you’re buying used? How can you be sure the watch and movement are authentic? Well the answer is it takes years of experience to tell the difference between a high quality fake and a genuine watch. This little diagram will show you the difference of the movement between a genuine ETA 2836-2 and an Asian clone of 2836-2 movement.

Learn the difference between genuine 2836-2 and clone 2836-2.

Learn the difference between genuine 2836-2 and clone 2836-2.